Research Active Practice

The Rise Group is a Research Active Practice

The Rise Group Team are always looking for ways to improve your care and where possible, get access to new and novel treatments.

We partner with NHS Research (NOCLOR) to help gather the information that helps save lives.

If you could be suitable for a study, we may get in touch to let you know.

If you rather we didn’t contact you, you can always tell one of the Team, and we’ll update your records.

Together we can improve the lives of people with diabetes, cancer, dementia and many other conditions.

If you have any questions about any of our active studies, feel free to ask.

Active Studies

Principle - A study for patients in the first few days of symptoms of Covid-19. This study is looking at a number of medications which may be benefitial to patients.

HipDYS - A study looking at the approach to identifying hip dysplasia in the standard 6-8 week check for newborn babies.

YouScreen - A study looking at an HPV self-swab as an alternative for patients late for their scheduled cervical screen.

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